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William E., Canadian dentist, 1879-1942. See: Cummer classification, Cummer guideline.
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62) The expropriation will allow for the construction of a new 800-student all-girls high school at 500 Cummer Avenue.
It's basically like putting a mask in front of a speaker,' said Cummer.
In his debut novel, Cummer does an excellent job of illustrating the rising tensions between the loyalists and the patriots in newly settled areas of Upper Canada.
Cummer, "A dual-resonant terahertz metamaterial based on single-particle electric-field-coupled resonators," App.
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The sixth annual Independent Film and the Law seminar, chaired by Carolyn Herman at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens on Friday, October 14, 2011, in Jacksonville was a continuing success.
The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Jacksonville, Florida Oct.
Dr Steven Cummer of Duke University and his colleagues have come up with the technique that works in air, for audible frequencies between one and four kilohertz - corresponding to two octaves on the higher half of a piano.