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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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Both of these New York-based academic philosophers came to better appreciate Jewish culture through their involvement with the Menorah Association, and both of their published works reveal that the ideas undergirding cultural pluralism emerged out of the particular experiences of Jewish college students.
The best known argument of this period for a transnational model of cultural pluralism is Boume's 1916 essay "Trans-National America.
Kallen's assertion about the grandfather's role in shaping an individual's identity leads scholars to link cultural pluralism with racial categories of identity.
Gagnon rejects a Canadian model of multiculturalism and instead proposes Quebec's model of cultural pluralism that includes a "moral contract" between dominant and non-dominant groups as a possible policy for multicultural societies (p.
Yet, despite the variety of perspectives expressed by the authors on these and other theoretical issues, the volume manages to move from abstract notions and concepts to concrete social and political historical contexts, where efforts to apply variant models of cultural pluralism have unveiled the limitations of liberaldemocratic societies in reconciling the juridical notion of "justice" with the reality of socio-economic and cultural differences.
Gladys Rosen (New York, 1980), 14, sees Kallen's Menotah work as his effort to bring cultural pluralism to the university.
The similarities between the Menorah Idea and cultural pluralism are no accident.
A final section on community and citizenship discusses anti-discrimination campaigns by people with disabilities and homeless people, Japanese internment, and the antagonistic relationship between cultural pluralism and the "war on terror.
The reawakening of this inheritance and the nurturing of its continuing evolution can show how cultural pluralism can enable the Islamic world to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of contemporary problems.
On the other hand, if such books, or what we might call the literature of cultural pluralism, crowd out or replace books by insiders that may be more difficult for outsiders to understand but are particularly important for their growing, multicultural needs, then we may need to reassess our priorities.
She outlines history and methods of study; types of law in various cultures and those used for domination and acculturation; Western and traditional law; religious law, focusing on Islamic and Jewish traditions; how anthropologists have studied the US legal system; and cultural pluralism.
As the pace of new development and installation increases, we will be faced with major decisions regarding equal public access, programming that reflects America's cultural pluralism, censorship and freedom of expression.
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