Culex tarsalis

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Cu·lex tar·sa·'lis

a mosquito species that is an important vector of St. Louis and Western equine encephalomyelitis viruses in horses, birds, and humans.


a genus of mosquitoes found throughout the world; cause insect worry and many species transmit various infectious agents, e.g. microfilariae, apicomplexan parasites and viruses, such as those of Japanese encephalitis and equine encephalomyelitis.

Culex pipiens
transmits the virus of fowlpox.
Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus
a serious pest of poultry and carrier of a number of poultry diseases.
Culex tarsalis
transmits western equine encephalomyelitis.
Culex tritaeniohynchus
transmits Japanese encephalitis virus.
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