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CUtting Balloon versus Conventional Balloon Angioplasty. A trial comparing cutting balloon vs. conventional balloon angioplasty of de novo native coronary lesions
Primary endpoints 6-month major acute coronary events (MACE)
Conclusion There is a lower re-stenosis rate with cutting balloon angioplasty than with conventional angioplasty


island 90 miles off the coast of Florida.
Cuban epidemic optic neuropathy - in 1993, malnutrition caused by food rationing and additional exposure to toxins led to an optic neuropathy outbreak affecting 50,000 Cubans.
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Cubans favored small-scale attacks in the difficult Angolan terrain, reasoning that the Soviets were too wedded to military tactics designed for the plains of Central Europe.
God bless the people of Cuba and our Cuban American friends who call the United States home.
Since the policy change in January, hundreds of Cubans that were stranded in Mexico and Panama have been deported to Cuba.
The 1996 Cuban Adjustment Act provided Cubans a way to (https://www.
Thousands of Cubans had been migrating through Central America in fear that the year-old warming in U.
While the number of Cubans trying to reach the United States by sea also grew to nearly 4,000 people this past year, the biggest jump by far came from people entering the U.
The focus then moves to this figurative trope of the murdered Cuban American drug dealer as it appears, in brownface, through Al Pacino's Antonio Montana in the 1983 Scarface as well as rap music's appropriations of the figure of Montana.
16, eliminates the much-hated requirement for Cubans to obtain an exit visa to leave their country.
To find an answer, she looks at fictional characters in novels written by Cuban American female authors: Alisa Valdes Rodriguez, Ana Menendez (whose Loving Che thus becomes the most studied novel in this collection), Cristina Garcia, Margarita Engle, Andrea O'Reilly Herrera, Chantal Acevedo and others.
Lopez-Calvo astutely argues that cultural productions by Chinese Cubans are at the heart of this process of acceptance and recognition of the Chinese in Cuba.
This is in reference to your story, Conditions improved for Cuban churches, (February).