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CUtting Balloon versus Conventional Balloon Angioplasty. A trial comparing cutting balloon vs. conventional balloon angioplasty of de novo native coronary lesions
Primary endpoints 6-month major acute coronary events (MACE)
Conclusion There is a lower re-stenosis rate with cutting balloon angioplasty than with conventional angioplasty


island 90 miles off the coast of Florida.
Cuban epidemic optic neuropathy - in 1993, malnutrition caused by food rationing and additional exposure to toxins led to an optic neuropathy outbreak affecting 50,000 Cubans.
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Envisions new micro-enterprise opportunities for the Cuban people.
HAVANA -- The number of Cubans heading to the United States has soared since the island lifted travel restrictions last year, and instead of making the risky journey by raft across the Florida Straits, most are now passing through Mexico or flying straight to the U.
He urges an end to the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, which essentially offers legal residency to any Cuban who arrives on U.
Farber switched to collecting Cuban art after he auctioned his contemporary Chinese art collection for $20 million in 2007.
White and black cultural components come into play inextricably, fusing into what Ortiz imaginatively calls blanquinegra folklore--"white-black" folklore (rendered in this edition as "both black and white Cuban folklore" [xvii]).
Your story is right that conditions have improved for Cuban churches.
You don't see the dark side, nor do they allude to it, and at the end of the film, they say he went off to become part of the Cuban revolution.
Posada nevertheless has a long history of planning assassinations and planting bombs in Cuban government offices, beginning in the early 1960s after the CIA trained him in demolition and guerrilla warfare.
The tree (Figure) showed 5 major groups or genotypes of DENV-3: 1) a Pacific/Asian group (genotype I); 2) an Asian group, containing a large array of viruses sampled from Thailand and Malaysia (genotype II); 3) a Latin American group that includes the Cuban viruses and isolates from Venezuela, Martinique, and Nicaragua, as well as those from Samoa, India, and Sri Lanka (genotype III); 4) a small group of Asian viruses (genotype IV); and 5) a final, most divergent group containing virus samples from Puerto Rico (genotype V).
Los Tumbos is one of thousands of rural Cuban villages with schools, doctors' offices, salas de television, and hospitals drawing power from silicone-based solar panels.