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CUtting Balloon versus Conventional Balloon Angioplasty. A trial comparing cutting balloon vs. conventional balloon angioplasty of de novo native coronary lesions
Primary endpoints 6-month major acute coronary events (MACE)
Conclusion There is a lower re-stenosis rate with cutting balloon angioplasty than with conventional angioplasty


island 90 miles off the coast of Florida.
Cuban epidemic optic neuropathy - in 1993, malnutrition caused by food rationing and additional exposure to toxins led to an optic neuropathy outbreak affecting 50,000 Cubans.
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He said that the people of Pakistan cannot forget the generous support of Cuba worth over $ 20 million to Pakistan during the 2005 earthquake and he added that Cuba had also offered scholarship to over 1000 students in the field of medical health.
Fathom has updated its reservations process and all travelers can book its cruises to Cuba, including Cuban-born individuals, in anticipation of Cuba allowing travel on a similar basis as they would if they were traveling by air.
Travel to Cuba for tourist activities remains prohibited, and U.
That trend holds true for Texas; the Houston port has seen only 33 metric tons of goods leave its docks bound for Cuba through March of this year, according to the New York-based U.
SMS Cuba began its operations to solve the problem of lack of reliable communications between the US and Cuba.
For travel from the US to Cuba, the US only permits US persons to visit Cuba under 12 eligible travel categories.
7: The Other "Axis Of Evil:" Cuba & North Korea
This year alone, Cuba graduated a total of 8,884 medical professionals from various nations as doctors, dentists, nurses and health technicians, according to Cuban Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer.
Castro, a former student opposition leader, had just returned to Cuba from a long exile in Mexico three months earlier and had been on the run ever since.
Soviet aid kept Cuba's economy afloat until the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed and Cuba went into an economic free fall.
In Argentina, President Nestor Kirchner reversed 15 years of Argentine policy by re-establishing ties with Cuba and cozying up to Castro and Hugo Chavez.