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Prices for Sail Cuba start at $4,899 per person for double occupancy.
international airports to apply to provide charter services to Cuba (currently 19 airports are authorized).
30: Repression Intensifying & Broadening in Cuba
It caused a sensation--not only in the United States but in Cuba.
Reynaldo Ulloa, 19, a student at Miami-Dade College, says his father wants to return to Cuba but he has little interest in moving there himself.
A: Someone told me the other day that they asked one of these people if they were aware of all the executions that Che was a part of in Cuba and the guy said, ``Well, I don't know if that's true.
Member organizations of the SPF include the Communist Parties of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, E1 Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
Interests Section in Havana, says the current Cuba policy "is clearly a precursor for U.
Voices on both sides of the Florida Straits seem to be working to keep Cuba on the path towards sustainable development.
Cuba has more than 480,000 e-mail accounts, roughly the number of users, but only 98,000 users can legally surf the Internet, according to government figures.
Here, Camnitzer confronts the most paradoxical aspects of contemporary art in Cuba head-on: For as art in Cuba is less policed than other goods (it's not embargoed either), artistic production has become a tempting prospect toward participating in the world market.
For Cuba comercio libre was declared in 1765 and more importantly, according to this book, the fuero militar conferring a series of protections and privileges was extended to both the regular army and the locally recruited militia in 1771.