Crystal Therapy

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The use of certain crystals, in particular quartz, as therapeutic vehicles. There is no evidence in peer-reviewed studies that crystal therapy has any effect
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The first is the "health benefits" (real or imagined) group, which includes ionizing air cleaners, ion bracelets and just about any product using tourmaline crystal power.
Crystal power sanctifies these, spiritualizes them, and counsels gratitude and commitment in kind.
The New Age element comes to the fore when Milo, exploring the island with Kida, learns the exciting news that Crystal Power provides the energy source for the continent.
Computer users are already tapping into crystal power, using malachite to absorb the negative energies from their terminals.
Physical properties: white crystal power that is innoxious and inflammable.
If I tried I'm pretty sure I could become a believer in crystal power.
Get your message across this coming Valentine's Day with a Crystal Power Heart.