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In vivo and In vivo cell mediated immune responses to rainbow trout, Onchorhychus myhiss (Walbaum) against Cryptobia salmositica Katz 1951 (Sarcomastgophora, Kinetoplastida).
Cryptobia agitans, Brachiomyces sanguinis, and Actionocleidus longus were identified from specimens of L.
ABSTRACT A new species of Cryptobia, was found in the blood of diversicolor abalone, Haliotis diversicolor Reeve, derived from farming ponds, on the coast of the south China sea in December 2000.
KEY WORDS: parasite, Cryptobia spp, new species, Haliotis diversicolor Reeve
A species appearing identical to Cryptobia helices has also been reported living in the reproductive organs and intestines of pulmonate land snails in Europe (Leidy 1846).
9 chongqingensis anguillicandat-us This Cryptobia sp Haliotis (12.
Conjugation of isometamidium chloride to antibodies and the use of the conjugate against the haemoflagellate, Cryptobia salmositica Katz, 1951, an immunochemotherapeutic strategy.
Morphology and ultrastructure of Cryptobia eilatica n.