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We try to put about seven or eight people who would represent a good crosssection of the company on the multifunctional teams, dependent on the particular area that is being reviewed," says Erika McBride, Paychex's risk review manager.
The joint orientation with respect to the right end crosssection does not change and can be represented by a constant matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Defending Ross and Brand, the Corporation revealed it had surveyed a crosssection of viewers and discovered most people under 25 thought their 'joke' was a proper wheeze.
The contributions selected for "The Lab" could be read as a crosssection of contemporary art--from the self-referential through the discourse-oriented to the technoid, and including (more or less) traditional painting and sculpture.
A Geological crosssection can be termed as a vertical slice through the earth, projecting the dip of the rock units into the subsurface and sometimes above surface.
A crosssection of successful efforts of communities and small businesses is triumphed in the king-of-local Michael Shuman's latest book, The Small-Mart Revolution.
The cylinders have an optimized edge design, larger crosssection, tapered or cylindrical shutoff, and [+ or -] 1.
TEI represents a crosssection of the business community, and is dedicated to the development and effective implementation of sound tax policy, to promoting the uniform and equitable enforcement of the tax laws, and to reducing the cost and burden of administration and compliance to the benefit of taxpayers and the government alike.
The remaining articles in this special issue of ETC represent a crosssection of important research and practice issues in the education and treatment of children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders.
Again a note of caution, this motivated grouping is not necessarily a true crosssection of the community at large.