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BEIRUT: Before you answer that, ask yourself whether you know what a crossover is.
Fiat's model will be the largest in its crossover range.
Stephenson, who's only started in the NBA a few years ago, made Parker trip over the floor with a difficult-leveled crossover.
Also note that not all FIR-based DSP crossovers have flat phase response.
In this paper we propose a self-adaptive approach to determine the number of crossovers to be applied to a selected couple under MCPC.
3 million by eliminating two subway crossover tunnels planned between Hollywood and Universal City, officials said Monday.
AVX's X2A Series RF-DC and X2B Series RF-RF Crossovers support frequencies up to 6GHz, are designed for use in temperatures ranging from -55xC to +85xC, and feature low loss, DC/high isolation, and NiSn terminations compatible with automatic soldering technologies.
Along with the crossover SUVs in Mazda's lineup, buyers have continued to flock toward the Mazda 3 hatchback for its impressive handling capability and extra cargo space.
GM is still said to be developing at least one new Cadillac crossover, though it is likely be a smaller model with two seating rows.
As such, moving average crossovers should be confirmed with other signals to avoid whipsaws and false readings.
In the late '50s and early '60s, crossovers were simple first- and second-order sections, so not as many components had to be twiddled to get to the desired result.
Then there are the various and sundry competing crossovers coming, many of which are still in the pipeline despite the rearrangement of the divisional marketing messages.