Cross Training

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Managed care Multiskilling The acquisition of multiple skills in multiple areas in the lab or in patient management by a worker, often who formerly carried out specialised tasks, thus reversing the trend toward specialization
Pros Short term, cross training solves staffing shortages and often decreases staffing costs
Cons Cross training increases liability, as those performing the services become generalists—‘jacks-of-all-trades’—who are less skilled in specific areas
Sports medicine (1) The regular participation in multiple sports—e.g., basketball and long-distance running—to improve overall fitness
Pros Useful in injured patients who can continue exercising with another sport, while the injured area heals; cross training intensifies training, burns more calories, improves fitness more quickly and safely; uses more muscle groups—e.g., running builds the lower body, swimming the upper—improves flexibility, and prevents overuse injuries
(2) The exercising of muscle groups or participation in a sport differing from an athlete’s primary sport
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She believes cross training relieves the "boredom factor" and can positively impact employee satisfaction if workers understand they're playing a role in the big picture.
And the best news is cross training allows you to continue to exercise even when you are injured, provided you do not work the part of your body which is injured.
Whether it's a first line supervisor or senior corporate manager, keeping the lines of responsibility clear and reducing the "blurring" that causes errors is just as important as the cross training itself.
To avoid such a scenario, a successful cross training exercise requires planning and forethought.
has officially gone on record as "the only idiot runner stupid enough to stress fracture his right tibia before a marathon [2003 Boston], spend all summer and fall recovering and cross training, then end up with a stress fracture in the left tibia prior to the following year's marathon [2004 Boston].
The winning team was captained by British Red Cross training and development co-ordinator Adi Robinson, who was also the individual winner.
Cross training would require teachers to explore techniques associated more with comparative politics and international relations, and both cross training and original research would necessitate a class separate from statistics.
As building managers and supervisors struggle to do more with less, they are discovering cross training as an excellent tool to reduce costs, maintain high skill levels, and keep buildings running smoothly and efficiently.
Aerobic cross training is beneficial to you in several ways: # It provides variety so eliminating the boredom often associated with doing the same exercise for a long period of time; # You are less prone to ``overuse injuries'' that can result from doing the same repetitive exercise movements over and over again; # You tone more muscles because you are using a variety of machines that use different muscle g roups.
I prefer deep water running as a form of cross training, since it provides a great cardiovascular workout without impact.
By cross training investigators, agency administrators can obtain the desired flexibility and efficiency.
provided insight into how Pelton, a steel foundry operating below capacity with a reduced work force, reaped benefits by making its workers more versatile through cross training.