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Etymology: ME, blechen
the act or process of removing stains or color by chemical means.
Dentistry The process of removing stains from the teeth; whitening is the generally preferred term
Dermatology The process of removing color or pigment from the skin using various potentially harmful chemicals
Environment A mass extinction of coral in certain regions which is variously attributed to global warming or to local stressors
Vox populi The removing of stains or colours, in particular, the process of whitening fabrics by chemicals—e.g., bleach, or bleaching powder consisting of chloride of lime


Technique used to brighten stained teeth.
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1. The process of changing colour from the pink of a dark-adapted retina to a pale yellow colour after it has been exposed to light. This is due to the reaction of the rhodopsin pigment. The process is reversible if the healthy retina is allowed to remain in the dark.
2. Process to remove a tint from organic lenses. See visual pigment.

bleach, bleach·ing

(blēch, blēching)
Removal of color from an object using chemicals or light.
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Crofting Commission, Chief Executive Bill Barron added: Id like to endorse the words of the Minister and add my own best wishes to Mr Mackenzie as he takes on his role as Convener.
The presence of a series of crofting images in the slide sequence casts a conflicting light on romanticism, for the crofters' residual beliefs and practices straddled the divide between what was perceived as belonging to the past and to the present.
After debate in the Scottish Parliament in November 1999, detailed changes were made (resulting from the consultation involved in all stages of the debate) to facilitate effective land management, political discretion in the matter of community legitimacy, and detailed provisions to allow for crofting community ownership.
Imagine if every house in two crofting villages were set alight in the middle of the night.
The legislation is being set out that will ensure the upcoming Crofting Commission elections proceed smoothly in March 2017.
John Morrison was born in 1920 on the Isle of Lewis to a crofting family and left the local school, aged 12, with no qualifications.
The singer chose to stay in the tiny crofting village of Elgol, on Skye.
A spokesman for the Scottish Crofting Foundation said Mr Al Fayed's outburst was "unhelpful".
This case is quite interesting because there is no crofting community living on the estate and I don't think the immediately neighbouring estates are likely to be interested.
My brother, Donald Crichton, a councillor in Lewis, wants to see crofting transformed with super-boosted housing scheme to keep young people in communities.