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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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We Croak will remind you that you are going to die.
Set in a land ruled by a decadent, selfish king (Adel Mahmoud Abed al-Latif), with the help of his uncaring servant Croak, the people beyond the gates of the palace are poor and neglected.
Swimmer Geoff Huegill and divers Matthew Mitcham and Alex Croak told the Daily Telegraph that they are still going to the Games despite upgraded travel warnings.
The wedding is performed so that frogs croak and welcome Indra Dev as well as the monsoon showers," Joshi said.
What toad goes croak dot croak dot croak dot croak?
Which creature is named because of the male's deep resonant croak, resembling a bellow?
Females of the species called rattlebox moths sniff out each other's male-attracting pheromones and congregate, creating the pheromone-based equivalent of male frogs gathering in a pond to croak a mating chorus, say researchers.
The full range of Shaver's art is displayed on this newest album with sparse guitar, bass, and drums that place the songs, and Shaver's evocative croak of a voice, front and center.
They produce the croak favored for Hollywood soundtracks.
As an agricultural economist put it: "You'd croak from smoke before you'd get high on hemp,"
From the ragged croak of "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" to the gallows grin of Bob Wills's "Trouble in Mind," Lofty Deeds tells a story of exploitation that would have been as familiar to Hank Williams as it is to Langford.
With a croak a raven flies up and circles over my head.