Critical Mass

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Radiation safety The minimum amount of material—mass of a particular radioisotope—required for it to reach ‘criticality’ and undergo a spontaneous fission chain reaction, releasing a lethal shower of neutron and gamma radiation
Research A popular term for the minimum number of persons working in related fields in a particular place, below which creative thinking and interaction may be suboptimal
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The ability to provide these critical assembly related products is unique to Kulicke & Soffa, and allows us to develop system solutions to the new technology challenges inherent in assembling and packaging next-generation semiconductor devices.
Ed Hart, President of the Goodrich's Engineered Polymer Products division stated, "We are very pleased that we were selected to supply these critical assembly components for this system.
Derlan Aerospace Canada received a prestigious award as a "principal supplier" for GKN Westland Helicopters in 1997, recognizing the high level of quality control and complex machining of Derlan's titanium rotor heads, which are a critical assembly holding and rotating the main rotor blades of the Lynx helicopter.

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