Critical Speed

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The maximum speed that a swimmer, cyclist, runner or other endurance athlete can maintain without experiencing fatigue due to muscle acidosis; at or below the critical speed, a trained athlete can continue until muscle glycogen depletion—'bonking'—or lactic acidosis causes exhaustion
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For each 1-mm (SL) increment in size, we calculated a mean speed for both critical speed (54 individuals) and in situ speed (19 individuals).
1996) Comparison of critical speed determined from track running and treadmill tests in elite runners.
Analysis of the damage to the car indicated it was travelling at 63mph when it hit the tree, which meant Mr Mahoneywas certainly exceeding the critical speed on the bend.
If I fly slower than that critical speed, then there is a fair possibility that I will actually be able to fly forever, always avoiding the trees," Frazzoli said.
Further, there is a critical speed below which the tangential cutting force decreases with the increase of speed due to softening of workpiece material.
Characteristics of the machines rotor: working speed is approximately (it is slightly changing due to technological needs) 5040 r/min (84 Hz), the first critical speed is 3276 r/min (54.
2000) Blood lactate response and critical speed in swimmers aged 10-12 years of different standards.
When passing through the critical speed the transient vibration of a cracked rotor system was analyzed in [4].
He said the critical speed for entering the bend near Splash Point was 26mph but the Mercedes may have entered it at 48mph.
Navy ships with mission critical speed and performance for quick fiber installations, upgrades, restorations and any moves, adds, and changes (MACs) for ship alteration while at dockside or at sea.

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