Crisis Stabilization

The panoply of measures—medication changes, therapy, case management or hospitalization—that transition a person in crisis back to normalcy
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The Norfolk Community Services Board (csb) Integrated Care Clinic (i-care), Program Of Assertive Community Treatment (pact), And Crisis Stabilization Unit (csu) Are Considered Alternate Delivery Sites Per Virginia Board Of Pharmacy Regulations.
Development of crisis alternatives to hospitalization, including peer-run telephone support, peer-run and non-peer-run crisis respites, and crisis stabilization units;
Require insurance companies to cover the full range of Emergency Service Program services, including Community Crisis Stabilization Programs.
Services are focused on mental healthcare, including psychological assessment; mental health crisis assessment; behavior and medication management; crisis psychiatry; peer support; crisis stabilization services; family therapy; individual treatment plans; and anger management.
In a nutshell, the restructuring method proposed in this turnaround framework is structured to include four stages which employ specific techniques for corporate restructuring: Pre-Turnaround Stage (PS), Diagnostic Review Stage (DR), Crisis Stabilization Stage (CS, and the Turnaround Stage (TS).
Serving the community through IntraCare North Hospital and affiliated clinics, the organization provides assessments and evaluations, crisis stabilization, medication management, nursing services, social and therapy services, activities therapy, comprehensive individualized treatment and discharge planning, detoxification and relapse prevention.
The investigators examined the impact of FH on the clinical presentation and help-seeking behaviors of 152 first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients who were hospitalized in a psychiatry unit of a large, university-affiliated psychiatry hospital or a suburban county psychiatric crisis stabilization unit.
It appeared from the 150 comment letters that the two least popular provisions were the one limiting retail credit unions to membership in only one corporate credit union and the one that would require "voluntary" payments for the corporate crisis stabilization from CUSOs, trade associations, cooperatives, and non-federally insured credit unions-and their expulsion from membership if they didn't pay up.
United Way's proposed budget for the United Road to Recovery includes $123,000 for early childhood crisis stabilization, child care and after-school activities, $113,000 for self- sufficiency support and $55,000 for homelessness prevention.
We set up a program in our jails, through the court system, that if someone does get arrested on a misdemeanor--a nonviolent offense--instead of keeping them in jail for three or four weeks and then releasing them without treatment, we now have a system that within 24 to 48 hours we transport them to a crisis stabilization unit with a case management system in place to make sure that they are stable.
Founded in 1851, Edgewood is the oldest children's charity west of the Mississippi and offers more than 25 programs ranging from prevention and early intervention to community based treatment, day and after school programs, residential treatment, and crisis stabilization.
If someone presents themselves with a mental health issue, a professional will be available in the ER to start an evaluation, and crisis stabilization will happen immediately," she said.