van Creveld, Simon

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van Creveld,

Simon, Dutch pediatrician, 1894-1971.
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome - see under Ellis, Richard White Bernhard
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In Chapter 15, The Rise and Fall of Air Power, Martin van Creveld lays out a somewhat downbeat view of the future of air forces as unmanned vehicles and space assets take over many roles heretofore carried out by manned aircraft.
Martin Van Creveld, in Supplying War: Logistics from Wallerstein to Patton, makes the point that in 17th century Europe strategic mobility was severely limited by rivers--not because of difficulties in crossing them but because they were the principal highways for heavy goods.
Beginning with his opening salvo directed at Clausewitz, The Culture of War contains numerous instances where van Creveld does not see "eye to eye" with others on assorted subjects.
Martin van Creveld is Professor Emeritus of History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author of The Age of Airpower.
Hypo-hyperdontia is rare in isolation and has been associated with over 50 syndromes, notably orodigitofacial dysostosis, Hallerman Streiff, cleidocranial dysplasia syndrome, Ellis van Creveld, Down syndrome, cleft lip and palate, and many others [Zhu et al.
THE BOOK CLEARLY takes itsm place in the school of "the Allies won the war, but the Germans had the better army," a school that includes the Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, and the Brits Max Hastings, John Keegan, and John Ellis.
Martin van Creveld, a well-known Israeli professor of military history, said about an "existential threat" to his country in 2002: "We have the capability to take the world down with us.
In his book, Command in War, Creveld argues that the best option for commanders, based on a survey of several millennia of military history, is to accept the burden of uncertainty at a higher level of command in order to allow subordinates the freedom to operate at lower levels based on their own initiative.
11) Martin Van Creveld, Supplying War: Logistics from Wallestein to Patton (Cambridge, 1977), p.
Greenwood, Historical Development, supra note 2, at 38; see also MARTIN VAN CREVELD, THE TRANSFORMATION OF WAR 89-90 (1991) [hereinafter VAN CREVELD, TRANSFORMATION]; Doswald-Beck & Vite, supra note 122, at 99 ("[I]t is worth recalling that many of the early customs of war, which were set down in written instructions to armies, were motivated by a desire to encourage discipline.
When present in Caucasians, post-axial polydactyly is associated with an autosomal recessive transmission and syndromic conditions such as Ellis-van Creveld and chondroectodermal dysplasia.
strategies [Bonn protocol and van Creveld protocol] require regular infusion of FVIII products without using immunosuppressive agents (17).