Glechoma hederacea

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ground ivy

Herbal medicine
(1) Gutu kola, see there.  
(2) A low-lying perennial evergreen that contains vitamin C, it was used in colonial America for treating asthma, cough, fever, intestinal bloating, tuberculosis, ulcers and other conditions; it is less used by modern herbalists.

Glechoma hederacea,

n See ground ivy.

Glechoma hederacea

toxic plant in the family Lamiaceae; contains an unknown toxin which causes pulmonary edema and emphysema. Called also Nepeta hederacea, creeping charlie, ground ivy.
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In the 1980s, the university stripped creeping ivy from some of the campus's older buildings.
Yet, as I descended the steps from the Old Town, I caught sight of a mural towering above the creeping ivy, shrubbery and graffiti covered wall.
This sinister siren lured unsuspecting travellers to their death in the middle of the night, then at daybreak, springing against a wall, she would disappear, transformed into creeping ivy.
Flowers, ferns and creeping ivy add to the Spanish motif.
Jump leads are always entwined with anything that has been left within two yards of them; like creeping ivy or cleavers they will wrap themselves around anything in the vicinity and cling on tenaciously as you attempt to extricate them.
Badly-placed electrical appliances result in trailing cables poised to reach out and grab your ankles like some deadly, creeping ivy.