Glechoma hederacea

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ground ivy

Herbal medicine
(1) Gutu kola, see there.  
(2) A low-lying perennial evergreen that contains vitamin C, it was used in colonial America for treating asthma, cough, fever, intestinal bloating, tuberculosis, ulcers and other conditions; it is less used by modern herbalists.

Glechoma hederacea,

n See ground ivy.

Glechoma hederacea

toxic plant in the family Lamiaceae; contains an unknown toxin which causes pulmonary edema and emphysema. Called also Nepeta hederacea, creeping charlie, ground ivy.
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The Tyson, for example, is composed of meticulous red tracings of creeping ivy and stonework against drapes and sofa upholstery busy with geometric patterns.
The psyche of Henman being mangled in late-night drama can be as traditional as the creeping ivy around these parts.
The biggest threats now come from brown tree snakes from Guam (there were no snakes in Hawaii, and now birds are getting scarcer due to the hungry snakes) and the creeping ivy myconia.
Company officials said the storage facility would be designed to resemble a stylish condo complex, complete with creeping ivy, wrought-iron gates and balconies.
A THE days of creeping ivy and roses are finally over and there's now a great range of trendy stencils available at The Stencil Store, mail-order 01923 285577.
The ornamental ponds are stocked with rare carp and creeping ivy adorns its Victorian stone walls.
Wooden shelving, topped with creeping ivy, gives a welcoming ambience to the store which thrives on its "old style" service.
Visit around harvest time, when the creeping ivy cloaking old chateaux turns a rich red, and you'll come across deserted villages.
How green wall on Aston Expressway could look CONSERVATIVES ANNOUNCE PLANS TO GREEN UP CITY IF THEY WIN ELECTION THE Aston Expressway could be decorated with walls of creeping ivy under pollution busting plans unveiled today.