credit rating

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credit rating,

n the evaluation of a person's responsibility toward meeting financial obligations.
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Markets with the leading increases in average credit quality compared to Q4 2008 were Cleveland, Jacksonville and San Diego.
These districts are among the state's largest, and have a Fitch rating or evaluation showing good credit quality.
The new report 'Positive Global Corporate Finance Rating Activity Continues in 2006, Outlooks Offer Mixed View of Credit Quality Going Forward' is available on Fitch's web site, www.
The credit quality of the industry, in turn, will be significantly influenced by the underlying ratings of the three major domestic tobacco manufacturers and Fitch's view of the relative strength of those three manufacturers within the overall domestic tobacco industry.
The inclusion of these additional assets will affect the consolidated credit protection measures and overall credit quality of the guarantor, ENERGISA, but should be similar to the current consolidated credit quality of CFLCL, which is acceptable for the assigned rating.