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n the ability to imagine and create through innovation and synthesis.

Patient discussion about creativity

Q. are there any good sides in ADHD? I heard that ADHD kids are more creative then others, can it be or someone was just messing with me...

A. They are very creative. I think it's because they get all that information from all around so they connect it differently then everyone else. if you take that quality and connect it with high levels of energy - you can get a good problem solver. I have ADHD and i work as an electronic engineer. And I’m good at it ;)

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While on the one hand Machado seems unwilling to relive or revive the past, the creative impulse is only satisfied if there is a constant longing to regain consciousness of what has been lost.
Yet, as far as Ogundele is concerned, this claim to an historical exposition is mere pretence, myth, rather than history have engaged contemporary literary and creative impulse, he thus states that '.
In his depiction of Vinteuil's "little phrase," Marcel Proust not only provides a case study in the origins of the creative impulse, but one that illustrates the theories of Otto Rank as articulated in Art and Artist: Creative Urge and Personality Development (1932).
An extraverted intuitive possesses a sense of originality and independence strong in initiative and creative impulse.
Essentially, protection is granted to anything the human creative impulse produces, including nonverbal expression such as wearing a symbol on one's clothing, dancing (including erotic and nude dancing), or participating in a silent candlelight vigil.
Romantic poets, writers, and artists of the 19th century claimed imagination as their inner muse, calling it an unexplainable creative impulse residing within the individual.
The meta-text is the author's agonizing search for the true self, the confrontation with what every artist/creator undergoes in the quest after the 'holy grail' - the creative impulse.
According to Evans, projective geometry originated in the creative impulse of the Early Renaissance that sought to resolve the polarity between science and art, between the rational and the intuitive.
each book that stems from a true creative impulse, a true desire to share knowledge or humor or adventure or joy in life and people, is endowed like a human being, in that it has its own particular life story, each as different and individual as are people" (McElderry, 1962, pp.
Yet no-one doubted the validity of his creative impulse.
The very profound intelligence of Kateb, sometimes lost in the bustle of his powerful creative impulse or occasional political sloganism, is abundantly clear in the interviews that make up Le poete comme un boxeur.
The effort to make justice and the creative impulse are deeply aligned, and when you feel the necessity of a creative life, of coming to use your own creativity, I think you also become aware of what's lacking, that not everyone has this potentiality available to them, that it is being withheld from so many.

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