Crash Diet

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A general term for a semi-starvation fad diet of various formulations; in general, CDs may be followed for a short time by a person wishing to rapidly lose weight
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Her autobiography charts her weight loss but also provides practical tips, exercises and habits that lead to permanent change without expensive gym memberships or crash diets.
Kate said: "When I was younger my mum advised me not to start going on crash diets or become obsessed with my weight and I have always stuck by that.
The long-term benefits of the crash diets showed significant weight loss in almost all the previous studies.
apart from metabolic and physiological issues, crash diets are a scourge for emotional well-being.
Going through crash diets on and off will slow down metabolism each time and make it more difficult to lose weight next time.
ABU DHABI: Parents obsessed with fitness are subjecting children as young as seven and eight to extreme crash diets, XPRESS has learnt.
But how effective are some of the so-called crash diets adopted by many people across the country?
Those who want to lose weight should avoid crash diets and instead look at changing their lifestyle in order to lose weight healthily.
A common misconception among both jockeys and the world at large alike is that crash diets are the answer.
Now, after a lifetime of battling her own weight gain, attending weight-loss classes and succumbing to crash diets, she decided it was the time to ask real people what worked for them.
She won't even undress in front of me and keeps going on crash diets.