Crash Test Dummy

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A mannequin used in videotaped analysis of vehicular crashworthiness
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1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- If a crash test dummy could talk, what would it say?
Using the THOR advanced crash test dummy developed by NHTSA, joint research was conducted recently at Delphi's safety systems testing facility in Vandalia, Ohio, in cooperation with the Medical Director's Office of the IRL.
Side Impact Dummy, generation II, size: small -- otherwise known as SID-IIs -- is the first crash test dummy developed for side impact testing that represents a small stature adult or adolescent.
Meanwhile, Vince, who operates the controls of the crash test, assures his anxious friend that the air bag will make his life as a crash test dummy much softer.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- The Big Three will develop a smaller, side impact crash test dummy with 10 times the measuring capacity of its predecessor that may help in designing vehicles for global markets and improve side impact protection.
Viewed in slow motion, we see that there is no comparison between an ordinary crash test dummy and a Lexus crash test genius in the throes of an accident.
In the side impact test, the impact-force readings gained from the crash test dummy were among the lowest recorded in such a test by EuroNCAP, which reported that "the head-protecting tube airbag (ITS) worked well to protect the driver from severe injury in the side impact and the pole-impact test.
The Army provided a manikin and a crash test dummy that simulated a patient lying in a stretcher.
Craig Jones is Harley's latest crash test dummy, reports TREVOR WALLSSOME biking stunt gods seem to defy gravity and logic when they go down the unicycle route on bikes that are scary enough when they're parked up on their sidestands.
will give Kettering free lease of any other sized crash test dummy needed for research projects," said Brelin-Fornari.
Clive Alive" features the digitally-animated Clive Bengtsson, a Swedish "senior pain researcher" for Volvo who is the world's oldest surviving crash test dummy, and his wife Mary, a fellow dummy and "whiplash expert.