Crash Diet

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A general term for a semi-starvation fad diet of various formulations; in general, CDs may be followed for a short time by a person wishing to rapidly lose weight
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A crash diet is a way to lose five to 20 pounds in a week.
Elvis was tipping the scales at 22lb before Carole Sweeney put him on a crash diet.
Resolution 4: Ill just crash diet to lose the weight.
The best solution, therefore, has to be to embark upon a healthy diet which aims to achieve a steady, regular, small weight loss, rather than the rapid, major loss that a crash diet aims for.
I meant to lose weight on a crash diet before summer but didn't.
This should be combined with a healthy approach to eating, but not a crash diet," said Mustansir.
Children who may lose weight to earn the gold will probably be motivated to achieve the results by going on a crash diet and might do so for the period the scheme is on and then bounce back to their original or more weight as they will find it difficult to keep up with a crash diet.
Dr Mirey Karavetian, a nutrition lecturer at Zayed University, said that a sudden crash diet can help patients who have lost hope that they will ever get rid of their flab.
Going on a crash diet may seem like a quick fix, but it does not work in the long run.
He begins with a crash diet made famous by Beyonce.
With the help of expert canine calorie counters, she placed the pampered pooch on a crash diet, replacing junk food with apples and carrots.
Bariatric surgery clinics are full of patients whose problems started with their first pointless crash diet.