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name of a rehabilitation hospital in Englewood, CO.
Scott-Craig orthosis - see under Scott, Bruce A
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The family chose Scafell Pike as Craig had climbed the mountain himself.
Craig said "It has been an extraordinary experience because I have been able to sort of get close to the people working on the ground in minefields, the deminers.
The marriage of Curves and Jenny Craig together is so perfect to help people; there is a real need for people to have Curves and to have Jenny Craig and they can come in and do one or do both," said owner Ann-Marie Williams.
Craig died while Conor suffered severe injuries and survived Maureen Gilmour, vice chair and treasurer of The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association's Glasgow and West Of Scotland Branch, said: "This is a new cup and it is being put up by the two pipe bands that Craig played for.
There's a lot of shaking up going on at the minute and it is thought that Newstalk and 98FM are keen on getting Craig on board.
a former prosecutor, is defending Craig - one of the few Republican senators to do so.
But as Craig left the pub, Brown's brother grabbed him.
Craig had lived happily with Julie Beswick, 30, and their children for 13 years when he was called to fix a door at Barbara's house nearby.
Craig retained an interest in the scrap business and, after attending college, he began working for an Atlanta area scrap recycler.
And about a month ago Craig e-mailed me a piece about Brokeback Mountain, and how the guys playing gay are straight .
Oddly enough, it's in the mental ward that Craig finds some clarity.