Cracker Jacks

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A regional slang term for crack cocaine smokers
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Thirty Cracker Jack fans could find winning tokens inside specially marked 2.
Benton uncovered a brownie, while Rachel's revealed a box of spilled Cracker Jacks and her engagement ring as her prize.
Cooper were the toy surprise in this wonderful Cracker Jack box of a magazine.
This was the first time I rode Leo and I just followed the tactics of my trainer Mattar Suhail Al Yabhouni," said Hamdan, who won the 2008 President's Cup with Nadja Lotois and the 2009 cup with Torryburn Cracker Jack.
I say it tarnishes the prestigious award to the point of getting it in a cracker jack box.
On page 277 there is an ad for one of the two snack foods mentioned by name in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game": Cracker Jack.
You can use store-bought Cracker Jack (the cook gets to keep the prize) or make your own with gourmet caramel corn and salty Spanish peanuts.
Playing off Wimbledon's traditional strawberries-and-cream answer to a baseball game's peanuts and Cracker Jack, California Giant Berry Farms will place co-branded Tennis Channel messaging on 20 million packs of strawberries during the promotion.
Known for their catchphrase Fan Dabi Dozi and from many 80s TV shows - Cracker jack, Krankies Klub, The Krankies Electronic Komic to KTV - The Krankies had their own TV show for 12 years.
CHRISTMAS cracker Jack The Giant proved a vital last-minute present for Ascot punters as he wore down outsider Alsadaa to put the bookies back in their boxes.
If you find these articles helpful, don't be like the stingy father in the Cracker Jack commercial and keep these kernels to yourself: Pass them along.