Crack House

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An old, abandoned or burnt-out building often in US inner-cities where drug dealers and users buy, sell, produce and use illicit drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine
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In the case of a crack house, for example, the CARE Committee will discuss the characteristics of the activity, and the severity of the disruption to the neighborhood.
Serologic screening of 21 persons at that crack house detected eight new cases of early latent syphilis.
ON GUARD: Police outside the crack house in Archer Close, Kirkdale Picture: GAVIN TRAFFORD
CLEVELAND Police and Middlesbrough Council have joined forces to obtain a crack house closure order against a landlady and one of her properties.
AN alleged crack house has been closed for three months after a string of complaints from neighbours.
New crack house closure orders, educational activities for young people and poster competitions will all be part of the campaign.
Officers working in partnership with Wrexham Borough County Council also obtained a closure order on a crack house in Y Wern, Wrexham.
NOTORIOUS soccer hooligan Paul Dodd has been arrested in a police raid on a crack house.
The Blade star has been accused of having sex with Lanise Pettis, 33, in a crack house in Chicago and fathering her son, now three.
A model of the law's intended application was the February 1990 closure of a crack house operated by a Cuban gang in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, which resulted in the arrest of 28 members of the infamous Marielitos crime ring.
Initially, a crack house may consist of several friends meeting periodically to smoke cocaine.