Cow Face

fa·ci·es bo·vi·'na

the cowlike face resulting from ocular hypertelorism; typical of craniofacial dysostosis.
Synonym(s): cow face
A facies described in patients with ocular hypertelorism, associated with craniofacial dysostosis
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COW FACE (Gomukhasana, go-moo-kahs-ahna): Sit with knees bent, soles of feet on the floor.
Do they lay awake at night worrying about what the cow will do with them once they meet the cow face to face?
Cow Face Arms Pose brings flexibility as well as warmth into your shoulders so do it next several times without holding it for very long.
COW FACE POSE--ARMS * Gomukhasana Details & Variations
Law across India largely prohibit the slaughter of cows, while in Gujurat, anyone slaughtering a cow faces a life prison sentence.
2001) who had no previous systematic experience with monkey, sheep, or cow faces, when looking at human or rhesus monkey faces but not when viewing sheep or cow faces.
Humans without experience with monkey and cow faces were able to make accurate judgments of the three categories.