Alexandre, French obstetrician, 1873-1948. See: Couvelaire uterus.
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In abruption placenta group, Couvelaire uterus was seen in 2 (3.
Por su parte, las indicaciones obstetricas profilacticas son: complementaria en el tratamiento conservador del embarazo ectopico cervical, como medida conservadora en la atonia uterina (e incluso en el utero de Couvelaire sin coagulopatia grave) o previa a la histerectomia obstetrica (cuadro 1).
Retroplacental blood may penetrate through the thickness of the wall into the peritoneal cavity, a phenomenon known as Couvelaire uterus.
Obstetric-gynecologic eponyms; Alexandre Couvelaire and uteroplacental apoplexy.
Couvelaire is an award-winning vet of some 400 commercials, which is crystal clear from his flamboyant visuals and high percentage of posed, unspontaneous perfs.
Although Couvelaire reported his efforts at bladder substitution in 1951, 4 decades would pass before this method would gain enthusiasm (Hendren, 1997).
Maternal complications include haemorrhagic shock, DIC, renal failure, ischaemic necrosis of distal organs, couvelaire uterus leading to PPH.
Almost 13% had bladder advancement, 2% scar dehiscence, 3 % extension of incision, 3% atonic pph, 1% placenta accreta, 1% couvelaire uterus and 2% bladder.
Burnished, ultra-glossy widescreen landscape is lovingly committed to celluloid in glossy widescreen by freshman helmer Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, with a photogenic precision honed over more than 400 commercials, and pic is packed with incident, betrayals and counter-betrayals.