cost-effectiveness analysis

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cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA)

a type of economic evaluation used to determine the best use of money available for medical care. It compares different kinds of interventions with similar, but not identical, effects on the basis of the cost per unit achieved.

cost-effectiveness analysis

Cost-utility analysis Clinical trials A form of economic analysis in which alternative interventions are compared in terms of the cost per unit of clinical effect–eg cost per life saved, per mm Hg of lowered BP, per yr of quality-adjusted life gained, etc Health care policy Analysis related to the effectiveness of therapies or interventions and their associated costs. Cf Cost-benefit analysis.


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cost-effectiveness analysis
a comparison of the relative cost-efficiencies of two or more ways of performing a task or achieving an objective.
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The inclusion of cost effectiveness as a criterion for coverage by HCFA had been widely anticipated by the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, which expect private payers to follow HCFA's lead and add cost effectiveness as a determinant in their processes.
IBM MSEMSP clients will have an opportunity to take advantage of the convenience and cost effectiveness of our VoIP system.
The cost effectiveness of the cytology laboratory and new cytology technologies in cervical cancer prevention.
For example, in a 1998 discussion of screening mammography, Rosenquist and Lindfors stated, "Studies have shown that the cost effectiveness for screening mammography is similar to other generally accepted medical procedures.
In today's booming economy, the cost effectiveness of any expansion strategy can be greatly enhanced with a thorough understanding of the tax and nontax incentives available from state and local governments.
Building upon a general and consistent definition of cost effectiveness that can be embraced by decisionmakers in a variety of health care settings, the book supplies all levels of provider management with innovative tools and perspectives for achieving better clinical outcomes while managing costs.
Maintenance Painting of Steel Structures in Pulp and Paper Mills--A Program Approach for Maximum Cost Effectiveness
McCrary and others emphasize that the best (most reliable and most economic) solutions encompass a range of device/media types to deliver the optimum solution for ease of use, scalability and cost effectiveness.
The concern is whether it will be a Trojan horse opening up the ability for Medicare to factor in cost effectiveness, as the NICE does now.
For managed care to improve the cost effectiveness, efficacy,[10] and quality of health care, it cannot be bogged down by inspection and reproach, typified by the UR/UM procedures in the third phase.
Cost effectiveness often disappears with widening patient indications and increasing utilization.
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