Corporate DNA

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A company's core values, culture, personality, etc., that are intended to pass to all employees
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Southwest has identified seven key characteristics that represent their corporate DNA, each of which happen to epitomize Kelleher himself.
Conventional wisdom argues that HSBC shares are dead money but markets have misread the strategic shifts that will transform the bank's balance sheet, value and corporate DNA.
3]s determination to establish design as one of the key components of its corporate DNA," he added.
It's fundamentally unhealthy for any one company, even one that claims to have "Don't Be Evil" stamped on its corporate DNA, to amount to the crossroads of the Internet.
To manage their costs and to maintain the trust of their customers, they will need to build carbon management into their corporate DNA.
It's just something that's not part of our corporate DNA.
KNOW YOUR CORPORATE DNA, REALIZE THAT RISKS ARE necessary for extraordinary achievement, always know where to secure support for your endeavors, That was advice offered by Kim Nelson, president of Snacks Unlimited Corp.
It was clear that the company was facing a life-or-death situation, and that the outcome would be death unless NCR embraced profound fundamental change--so profound that it would amount to re-engineering its corporate DNA.
As actual monthly cash reports were compared to forecasts, the cash forecasting team analyzed forecast misses and refined the processes -- thus embedding the process in the corporate DNA.
To become a B Corp, companies must take the B Impact Assessment, score a minimum of 80 out of 200 points and amend their governing documents to "bake" their mission into their corporate DNA.
Our community strategy is driven by a philosophy that is rooted in our corporate DNA - We give where we live.
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