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This ruling may have considerable utility in a corporate acquisition setting when the acquiring company and the target company would like to give compensatory option holders of the target company the choice between being cashed out of their options or exchanging them for comparable options in the acquiring company.
Hynes was the director, strategic planning, and had active roles in several corporate acquisitions.
Transfer of own shares may either be made on the Stockholm Stock Exchange or in other manner, and may deviate from the preferential rights of the shareholders, for the purpose of financing possible future corporate acquisitions.
On March 15, 2006, the last day of the class period, the company announced that it would have to restate its financial figures going back to 2000--to its founding--in order to adjust for the improper accounting of its corporate acquisitions.
From 1997 to 1999 he was Vice President Corporate Acquisitions for Bema Gold Corporation.

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