recurrent corneal erosion

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re·cur·rent cor·ne·al e·ro·sion

repeated vesiculation followed by exfoliation of the corneal epithelium.

Recurrent corneal erosion (RCE)

Repeated erosion of the cornea. May be a result of inadequate healing of a previous abrasion.
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corneal erosion, recurrent 

Periodic loss of some of the corneal epithelium, due to its detachment from the basement membrane. It may be the result of trauma (e.g. fingernail scratch) or of some corneal dystrophy. There is severe pain, redness, lacrimation and photophobia, typically upon awakening. Management usually begins with artificial teardrops and a lubricating ointment but the acute phase requires antibiotic ointment and pressure patching or a therapeutic soft contact lens or debridement. See desmosome; Cogan's microcystic epithelial dystrophy; lattice dystrophy; Reis-Buckler's dystrophy.
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Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) -- a refractive laser surgical procedure that is often done (and covered) for a patient that suffers from recurrent corneal erosion (e.
In some susceptible patients, continued use of topical NSAIDs may result in epithelial breakdown, corneal thinning, corneal erosion, corneal ulceration, or corneal perforation.
Recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (RCES) is commonly encountered in clinical practice and can be a painful, often frightening, and sometimes incapacitating condition for many patients.
Over the first week after treatment, he experienced two episodes of corneal erosion and grade 2 haze was noted in the left eye.
As for the atopy/dryness and recurrent corneal erosion scenario, I think it is a case of lack of training as a refractive optometrist.
The latter is especially important in cases of recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (see later) where the failure to completely re-heal the epithelial surface drives a recurrent cycle of recruitment of inflammatory cells that re-disrupt the epithelial barrier.
Complications include infective keratitis, persistent epithelial defect and recurrent corneal erosions, all of which require specialist referral.
Secondary complications can include infections, anemia, oral ulcerations, dental decay, esophageal blistering, corneal erosions, osteoporosis and psychological trauma.
Patients presenting with corneal ectasia (for example keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration), corneal dystrophies (for example epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy), recurrent corneal erosions, corneal hypoaesthesia, active corneal inflammation or active corneal infection are regarded as unsuitable candidates.
Chen has been involved in FDA clinical research on new eye drop treatments for corneal erosions, and he performed the first AlphaCor artificial corneal implants in San Diego County.
For example, one patient with Reis Buckler Dystrophy had had a penetrating graft in their right eye over 20 years ago and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty in the left eye five years ago, with further phototherapeutic keratectomy for recurrence of corneal erosions, as well as LASIK to reduce astigmatism.
Trained as a classical musician, Weihrer was diagnosed with a debilitating eye condition called recurrent corneal erosions in 1984.