copal resin

co·pal res·in

(kōpăl rĕzin)
Brittle natural resin with a melting range that exceeds 149 degrees C. When deposited as a film from an organic solvent, it is used in dentistry as a liner for a cavity preparation before the restoration is placed.

Copal resin (kōpəl), brand name for a mixed resin of diverse plant origin used in cavity varnishes. Its effectiveness in protecting the pulp from the phosphoric acid in dental cements is questioned.
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Outside a troupe of feathered 'Aztec' dancers swirl and twirl into a trance as copal resin emits pungent smoke from small coal fires.
The Tzotzil Maya in Chiapas call copal resin bek'tal pom, or flesh incense, and its smoke they call "cigarettes of the gods.