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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Six of the current defensive coordinators coached defensive backs immediately before landing their new roles, and three of those six are African-American.
Parenting coordinators shall acquire and maintain professional competence in parenting coordination.
Recycling coordinators for large programs perform more administrative duties, such as managing contracts and budgets.
Because he'd gotten to know many of the migrant health people in his state and region, and most of the larger migrant health issues as an active participant in planning Stream Forum and National Farmworker Health Conferences over the years, the fit was a good one--the success of the early Coordinators having been determined to be a function of their level of experience (as well as the size of their service area).
The man Schrieber was describing is Michigan Department Service Officer and Hospital Service Coordinator Joseph D.
Expect Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis, Buffalo's Gray, Chicago's Ron Rivera and 49ers linebacker coach Mike Singletary to draw some interest, even if they don't land any head jobs.
An alumnus, Angelo Gasca, was entering his third year as head coach after several years as an offensive coordinator.
Never publicize the full (first and last) name of a military child at your camp without the prior permission of the family readiness coordinator.
The admissions coordinator must facilitate among the differing opinions and help the family reach a mutual agreement on behalf of the client.
The local partnership coordinators had a wide range of prior work experiences, both in education and business.
notes that the project, and its related Web site, will keep minority information technology coordinators informed of new developments and approaches to technology education.

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