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When the addition of TEP into cooling bath achieved 40 wt%, a soft gel layer is fabricated by rapid cooling and slow the exchange rate between TEP and water.
When the TEP content in the cooling bath was low (0-25 wt%), it was mainly dominated by NIPS for Ml, M2, M3, and M4.
In addition, it is observed that the cross-section membrane structures of hollow fiber (M1-M4) were distorted, compared with M5 membrane structure for the 40 wt% TEP in the cooling bath.
Tubular billets having the above dimensions were drawn over a [Phi] 80 mm expanding mandrel at 120 [degrees] C with and without cooling bath arrangements.
Introduction of an on-line cooling bath into the mandrel drawing process has the following benefits:
Vacuum levels in the cooling bath are normally around -3 to -4 psi.
Strand processing equipment line (located between extruder die and pelletizer) includes high line rate cooling baths, vacuum/blower water removal units and auxiliary strand drying racks.
The company's downstream equipment capabilities are said to include an extensive range of pullers, cutters, tanks, saws, calibration tanks, water cooling baths and auxiliary equipment.
Individual in-line components, as well as complete extrusion systems, including product tooling, precision sizing and cooling baths, various sizes of-belt pullers, on-demand or continuous rotary knife cutters, traveling cut-off saws, conveyors and run-off dump tables.
tube and cross-head dies; vacuum calibration and cooling baths 6 to 20 ft long; caterpillar take-offs from 3 in.
Casting heads, cooling baths, air knives and preconveyors also offered.
Using turntables, molds can be integrally steam heated and water cooled by on-board heating and cooling systems, eliminating bulky and inefficient ovens and cooling baths.