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William D., U.S. physicist, 1873-1975. See: Coolidge tube.
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Coolidge didn't appear the same after the mishap and was hobbling afterward.
Both Harding and Coolidge aimed to reduce government's role in the nation's economy even as the country modernized after World War I.
As outgoing and charming as Calvin was shy and awkward, Grace helped her husband navigate the social engagements that were a necessary but unwanted part of political life in Boston, where Coolidge served as governor from 1919 to 1921; and in Washington, D.
In the end, Coolidge stands as a staunch president, but hardly a visionary one.
Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge cut taxes and shrank spending.
Coolidge was in his element when it came to budgeting.
contact back feldspar arithmetic pond (from CLARK COOLIDGE (New York: Lines, 1967)
Coolidge earned a BS degree from Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration in 1997.
As a husband and as a father, Coolidge was emotionally distant and easily irritated.
The President nodded, slowly, then said, "Tell that to Mrs Coolidge.
Lewis Coolidge was a nephew of Billy Dawes, the man who accompanied Paul Revere on his ride: Coolidge made a five-year voyage around the globe aboard the Amethyst, and his private diary of his journey offers insights into 19th century sealing trade practices and the social sentiments and culture of his times.