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verb An obsolete Middle English term meaning to exude, as in eczema; it is not used in the working medical parlance.

low-energy emission therapy



An alternative treatment for sleep disorders in which the oral mucosa is stimulated by low-wattage electromagnetic fields.
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In the cool spell of the 1960s and 1970s, British birds began laying eggs later in the year than they had before, the study shows.
This technique suggests that gas levels 10 million years ago averaged around 370 ppm, then dropped to 280 ppm during a cool spell, and later rose back to 370 ppm during a warmer time.
Temperatures have been around average as has rainfall but we have had one or two cool spells.
Assume a Euro-chic air with Marcello Sport's exclusive lightweight Italian wool sweaters made for unexpected cool spells while traveling abroad (from $175).
We continue to predict an enhanced chance of more frequent cloudy and cool spells compared to recent summers prior to 2007," it says in its update summer forecast.
REDUCE watering in cool spells and as vegetables produce their final crops.
He said salmon get stressed at 70F and, although there had been cool spells, water temperatures had stayed at that level recently.
This year is likely to be a typically mixed summer; sunny, with cloudy and cool spells but temperatures above average and rainfall near or just above average," says BBC meteorologist Derek Brockway.
The researchers suggest that plantains warm their developing seeds during cool spells.
And with the Met Office predicting a "slightly enhanced chance of more frequent cloudy and cool spells compared to recent summers prior to 2007" some may be fearing last year's weather is set for a comeback.
Sediments laid down during global cool spells record few ichthyosaur species.