Cookie Cutter

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Referring to a sharply circumscribed, or punched-out appearance with scalloped, vertical margins
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Buoyed by some good national reviews for We Are The Freaks - Time Out said the film had "raw energy" and "never feels like a cookiecutter teen movie" - Justin is looking forward to using more local talents and to making more films in his native Birmingham, even though he lives in London himself.
Following liberalisation, the market was completely revolutionised, and while the tremendous spread of automobile technology has been excellent for households and corporate India ( if not particularly beneficial to the environment), the cookiecutter nature of most box- onwheels models make our roads look a lot less interesting.
Hollywood is famous for wanting its leading men to fit into a traditional cookiecutter mould and it seems Dan will fit right in with his new style.
His approach was, at the time, radically at odds with the cookiecutter expectations placed on company dancers.
It's a shame that bouts against a string of cookiecutter bad guys, without Arkham's stealthy sections to mix things up, mean things quickly become repetitive.