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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Informatics A piece of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access
Vox populi—US Any of various small, usually flat sweet cakes; biscuit in the UK
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Take this cookie, for example, which was created because baker Roshan Samtani just wanted her house to smell like toasted coconut, vanilla and butter one fine day.
Cookie sales were greatest in the East, with $1,301 average sales per-store per-week, up 1.
Another option is to make drop cookie dough a day or two in advance and keep refrigerated until baking, Greenspan says, adding that she doesn't advocate freezing already-baked cookies.
Gale used a computer to find the winning moves for arrays that are 3 cookies wide and up to 100 cookies long (3 by n).
Use colorful signage to explain that any child who climbs up the steps can have a free cookie.
After June 2002, when new recipe cookies were put into production, pock marks under cookies were reduced or eliminated.
For more info, contact The Vermont Maple Cookie Company at 74 Cotton Mill Hill, Unit A-334, Brattleboro, VT 05301.
Fields' new cookies is that they're half the size of the cookie monsters in her stores.
The next time you visit that Web site, its Web server can retrieve that cookie, or bit of information about you, allowing the site or advertiser to "remember" you.
In the world of Cyberspace, a cookie is a small string of text that a Web server dumps on your hard drive.
Pepperidge Farm invites cookie lovers to discover the ultimate taste destination, courtesy of its American Collection of crispy and soft baked cookies.