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Most children grow out of febrile convulsions without ever coming to any harm.
Symptoms include high fever, convulsion and frigidity around the neck area.
During the 2010 influenza season bioCSL's Fluvax influenza vaccine was associated with a higher rate of fever and fever-related convulsions in children under 5 than other influenza vaccines.
Pathologist Dr Phillip Cox, who carried out a post mortem, told an inquest that Keian had had a history of febrile convulsions - shaking episodes brought on by high temperatures - which were harmless in most children.
Diabetic fits can be life-threatening, so if you know someone with Type 1 diabetes, look out for symptoms such as confusion, loss of awareness or muscle convulsions.
The first group included 45 patients with complaints of febrile convulsion, the second group included 23 children who had visited for fever but did not have convulsions, and the third group consisted of 20 healthy children.
Convulsions associated with fever are common in children and are a common presentation to the emergency department.
Demi and Ashton, star of the long-running sitcom Two And a Half Men, met on Thursday night at the same Bel Air mansion where she went into convulsions days earlier following a presumed drugs overdose.
She seems to be having convulsions of some sort," the friend said.
If convulsions stop, open the airways and check breathing.
This year at Qatar Health we have bought three new categories of medicines, these include wound care management, treatments for controlling seizures and convulsions, pain management for cancer patients" said Ms.
Western Australia has seen the bulk of the cases, with 55 children aged 5 and younger suffering febrile convulsions after receiving the vaccination and 196 children also reportedly experiencing vomiting and fever.