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The unit's baseboard enclosure design provides natural floor-to-ceiling warmth, with aerodynamic non-flow aluminum fins that generate natural convection currents for all-over warmth.
Only the details of the local densities, temperatures, composition, opacities, radiative emission, and convection currents, are altered.
But on top of this essentially humdrum parti are swooping glass roofs that can both capture solar energy and use it to generate convection currents to ventilate the spaces.
The dimensions and configuration of the filling system were chosen to promote quiescent filling of the mold cavity and the plate is oriented horizontally so that convection currents are minimized.
Earth's gravity, by causing convection currents, affects the shape and rate of dendritic growth of succinonitrile and pivalic acid crystals.
This is an innovative air conditioning system, where air conditioning is done by convection currents rather than air flow through diffusers and chilled water is circulated right up to the diffuser points unlike the conventional systems.
Heat from Earth's core creates the convection currents needed for plate tectonics.
Convection currents that stir the outer core are critical to producing the superfast spin of the inner core, say Jonathan M.
Stirring is accomplished with a motor-driven graphite impeller, except in most induction furnaces, where the convection currents make mechanical stirring unnecessary.
A Middle-Eastern inspired wind tower, making use of convection currents, lies at the heart of the building services concept.
As a result, they can now see more precisely how convection currents, which alter the way heat diffuses through a cooling metal, can influence the growth rate and curvature of dendrites.