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Morgannwg House was run as Wales's first and only convalescence home for active and retired RAF personnel, but it closed in May last year.
Thousands of local families have benefited from this service, the first convalescence home being opened in 1891.
Grampian Police constable Andrew Baynes has taken up an administrative role in Aberdeen following trauma counselling at a Scottish police convalescence home.
We worked together at the former Co-op Convalescence Home.
After spending ten days in Selly Oak Hospital, Mr Titmus stayed in a convalescence home, struggling to adapt to his new circumstances, surrounded by elderly people.
The cross-Border inquiry is believed to involve claims that inducements were offered in return for contracts at the Northern Police Convalescence Home in Auchterarder, Tayside.
The Mirror has learned he was on his way to collect administrator Carol Moore, 50, a close friend of his boss, who was at a police convalescence home.
REGARDING a letter in Feedback (ECHO March 17): I was a patient at the same convalescence home which, I believe, was on Hawkshead Avenue.
In 1916 the several convalescence homes used as military hospitals to relieve Huddersfield War Hospital had to meet five criteria, one being to have competent Matrons.
Prior to the centre's opening in early October, Timiskaming Elders who needed an extended care facility had to travel out of their communities for nursing care at other convalescence homes.
Earlier this year, Medicash faced stern criticism from customers who were angered when the firm withdrew funeral costs, rehabilitation and convalescence cover and announced the closure of two North Wales convalescence homes.