simultaneous contrast

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si·mul·ta·ne·ous con·trast

the enhancement of the visual sensation of white when a white object is viewed adjacent to a black object; the black object also appears blacker as a result of the contiguity of white. Adjacent complementary colors also appear brighter; for example, green appears a brighter green and red a brighter red if these two colors are viewed side by side.
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However, going against predictions, there was a contrast effect when there was a religious focus with the positive priming having the most negative influence.
The two finishes can be applied to any design or color for a contrast effect where the gloss reflects light and the matte offers a subdued soft look, so consumers are able to distinguish between the individual areas of the package both visually and through touch.
A similar illusion, again caused by lateral inhibition in the retina, is the background contrast effect (3).
Based on this, the contrast effect seems to be a contrastive reaction specifically to the Chinese prime which is very traditional.
Matte & Gloss can be applied to any design or color for a contrast effect where the gloss reflect light and the matte offers a subdued soft look.
For size contrast effect, take a picture of the supermoon with some distant structures in the foreground.
Irradiating spots, diagonal wisps and straight streaks', commented Alexander, 'are more familiar features on Jupiter than on Saturn; the bright projection may have been a contrast effect caused by the contiguity of the bright spot and the dark shadow.
Spatial contrast of colour is the contrast effect of two or more contrasted colour gamut, that is, the contrast effect of colouring areas.
However, because male participants likely are not as affected by a woman (as compared to a man) using expletives at female players, a contrast effect (Sherif, Taub & Hovland, 1958) could emerge, effectively exaggerating male participant's preexisting negative reactions to a male coach using expletives with a female team.
The small polished bezel, on the other hand, creates a pleasing contrast effect.
In a preliminary study, orally ingested whole cow's milk achieved similar bowel distention and contrast effect as a commonly used barium-based contrast agent, VoLumen.
In communication theory, that's called the assimilation contrast effect.