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We propose a new hypothesis that secondary biological abnormalities of muscle atrophy, altered contractile protein expression, and inflammation in the contralateral leg skeletal muscle propagate disability.
Pretranslational markers of contractile protein expression in human skeletal muscle: Effect of limb unloading plus resistance exercise.
These age-related changes in myosin and other contractile proteins, in conjunction with alterations in calcium transit and action potential, actually help the older heart work more efficiently.
Once released from this cellular storage bin, calcium binds to troponin and other contractile proteins, which trigger the heart beat.
These findings suggest that in addition to affecting calcium transients, alcohol reduces the sensitivity of the contractile proteins to calcium.
The sarcoplasmatic and structurally bound fractions of cardiac regulatory and contractile proteins were determined according to a previously published protocol (6, 18).
Clinical significance of cardiac contractile proteins for the diagnosis of myocardial injury.
The genes with differential expression included genes related to inflammation, cell cycle regulation, mitogenesis, signal transduction pathways, metabolism, and muscle contractile proteins.
Several major gene categories or clusters are differentially expressed between the paretic and nonparetic leg muscles, including genes that regulate muscle metabolism, contractile proteins, cell cycle progression, mitogenesis and growth factors, metabolism, inflammation, and signal transduction pathways.
Scientists at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill now report finding tension-generating cells in the inner ear that contain the same contractile proteins found in muscle.
These findings suggest that a fundamental metabolic shift toward anaerobic metabolism in hemiparetic skeletal muscle is accompanied by abnormalities in gene expression for muscle contractile proteins, inflammatory mediators, cell cycling, and signal transduction.
myocyte hypertrophy, increased expression of contractile proteins, and myocardial hibernation [101.