continuous random variable

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con·tin·u·ous ran·dom var·i·a·ble

continuous variable that may randomly assume any value in its domain but any particular value has no probability of occurring, only a probability density.
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1993); the average strand angle with a SD or a range (Barnes 2002); continuous probability distributions such as the von Mises distribution (Harris and Johnson 1982, Shaler 1991, Xu and Suchsland 1998) and normal distribution (Chen et al.
The body of this article addresses the ruin approach and the EPD approach using a continuous probability distribution, specifically the lognormal.
Bayes' Theorem, in its general form for continuous probability distributions, follows:
Chapter 5 introduces basic concepts of probability and also lays a platform for discrete and continuous probability distributions covered in Chapter 6 and 7 respectively.
In over 100 exercises, supported by the accompanying CD-ROM, she describes probability concepts, discrete probability distributions, continuous probability distributions, mathematical expectation, limit theorems, transitions to statistics, estimating theory, hypothesis testing theory, order statistics and quantiles, permutation analysis, bootstrap analysis, multiple sample analysis, linear least squares analysis and contingency truth analysis.
Continuous Probability Distributions with Appealing Statistical Properties.
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