continuous bladder irrigation

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continuous bladder irrigation (CBI)

a continuous infusion of a sterile solution into the bladder, usually by using a three-way irrigation closed system with a triple-lumen catheter. One lumen is used to drain urine; another is used to inflate the catheter balloon, and the final lumen carries the irrigation solution. CBI is primarily used following genitourinary surgery to keep the bladder clear and free of blood clots or sediment. See also drainage.
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Continuous bladder irrigation

continuous bladder irrigation

Abbreviation: CBI
A constant flow of normal saline (or other bladder irrigant) through a three-way urinary catheter to keep the catheter patent. It is typically used postoperatively following a transurethral resection of the prostate gland.

Patient care

During CBI the volume of fluid infused and the volume returned is monitored and recorded.

See also: irrigation
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