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A steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor which is designed to, in any emergency, contain the escape of radiation to a maximum pressure in the range of 60 to 200 psi (410 to 1400 kPa), and which is the final barrier to radioactive release: the 1st being the fuel ceramic itself, the 2nd, the metal fuel cladding tubes, the 3rd, the reactor vessel and coolant system
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The renovations were finished in early September and the ship began sea trials and inspections, which the company had described as successful up until the containment dome was damaged.
With lessons learned from the containment dome and RITT, BP severed the riser and installed a top hat and Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) on the BOP.
A previous BP effort to cap the leak with a containment dome failed.
At the time of the interview, BP's containment dome had failed when hydrate crystals formed around the top of the structure and oil from the beleagured well had made its first confirmed landfall in Louisiana.
The cap is fitted with a grommet designed to keep out seawater and prevent the formation of slushy methane hydrates that bedeviled an earlier containment dome effort.
BP will deploy a small containment dome in the next couple of days to try to trap oil from a blown-out undersea well in the Gulf of Mexico, a company spokesman says.
BP Plc continued to work on other ways to seal its leaking oil well as it lowered a containment dome into place on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
BP's chief executive said a containment dome will be on the seabed by tomorrow, and will be hooked up to a drill ship over the weekend.
A week after September 11, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission admitted that nobody knows whether or not a large commercial aircraft could break through the containment dome.
Then an undersea containment dome that was part of the system was damaged in testing.
The height of the reactor core and containment dome was also increased but the footprint of the design is essentially the same as that of its less powerful predecessor.
On May 7, an 80ft high steel containment dome was lowered over the leak but became clogged with chemicals.
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