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We are very confident that a combination fingerprint and contactless smartcard device will find uses around the globe in today s rapidly expanding biometrics industry.
The contactless smartcard could be a bank-issued ATM card or an employer-issued identity badge.
Simon's main task would be helping INSIDE quickly penetrate the China Contactless smartcard market and position INSIDE in major vertical markets such as Transport, Access Control and Identification.
The Toughbook H1 includes a host of additional features such as integrated RFID, contactless SmartCard, fingerprint and optional barcode readers, as well as camera and optional GPS.
The Zodiac reads a fingerprint template stored in a contactless SmartCard or in a small stick-on "BioPatch" which can be affixed to existing access cards or devices.
The major global humanitarian agency Mercy Corps, is making use of contactless smartcard and payments technology to introduce a new aid programme in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
This is made possible by storing each user's fingerprint template in their contactless SmartCard rather than storing them in the reader or a central database.
Placing confidence in the enhanced security and performance of NXP's MIFARE Plus contactless smart card IC, Jeffrey Chang, Vice General Manager at EasyCard Corporation, the service provider integrating and operating the contactless smartcard ticketing system for buses, metro, and public off-road car parks in Taipei, said: "Security and privacy are essential requirements of Taipei's contactless smart card ticketing infrastructure.
MIFARE: MIFARE is the most widely installed contactless smartcard technology in the world.
Matthew Wallhead, general manager of Terrapinn, a business media company and organizer and creator of the event, said: "Cards, payments and contactless smartcards are changing the way consumers and merchants interact with each other.