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wettability (wet´əbil´ətē),

n the angle at which a droplet of liquid interfaces with a horizontal surface; the shape of the droplet varies depending on the type of liquid and surface, thereby influencing the contact angle and thus the wettability. The greater the angle past 90°, the greater the wettability.
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Large contact angles against water make it easy to remove raindrops and dust from the leaf surfaces [11].
Measurement of the contact angle for the evaporators recovered from the field: These tests were conducted after water retention tests.
Therefore, in correspondence to the geckos, the fabricated surfaces are expected to present high static contact angle and low contact angle hysteresis.
Group F showed the highest mean contact angle value (98[degrees]) of all the groups, and the least was Group C (59[degrees]).
Water contact angle measurement helps to determine the relative surface energy of surfaces with different pretreatment.
where [theta] is the contact angle of the liquid on surface s.
If [theta] < [pi]/2, the actual contact angle [[theta].
Adhesive forces between liquid and plate material are very strong, which is indicated by zero receding contact angle, as shown in Fig.
At each timestep of the simulation the angle of attack, the roll angle, the lateral creep force, the normal contact force, and the contact angle are passed from the MBS to Matlab.
22) prepared the superhydrophobic paper surfaces with heterogeneous contact angle hysteresis by printing high hysteresis wax islands onto low hysteresis superhydrophobic paper.