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constituent (kənstich´ūənt),

n a part of the whole; component.
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For example, CRM's service function facilitates the provision of information to constituents.
We, as their constituents, are responsible for voting (or not voting) them into office, as our "representatives".
This] joint proposal represents just the latest step in our effort to explore ways to engage the participation of, and further improve the standard-setting process for, our private company constituents.
The Act, which, among other things requires firms and their auditors to attest to the effectiveness of controls over financial reporting, offers tangible benefits to every real estate investment constituent including the advisor, financer, investor, lessor, lessee, transaction processor and acquirer among others.
I said, I've got to find a way to reach out to my constituents and make them a part of this process.
Determine how best to effect change in the GAAP standard-setting process to meet the financial reporting needs of private company constituents.
With the implementation of Student SEVIS and WedAdvisor, Pratt was able to change the way it did business and provide better services to all constituents, most importantly to its students.
It is critical for success that effective messages be developed, targeted to specific constituents.
In district offices in which casework is a high priority, the staffs usually perform under very heavy loads, often exceeding more than a 100 cases each; they are encouraged to meet all needs of constituents while viewing each case situation as a high priority by exploring all avenues and recourses.
Fuentes also will handle constituent services, the mayor's Volunteer Corps, the Neighborhood Enforcement Action Team and administer the neighborhood block grant programs.
While constituents met with their senators, CalCPA staff broadcast two alerts that asked CPAs to contact Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee members.
At least $40 million was spent on broadcast, billboard and print advertising, as well as telephone calls and targeted mailings, to show Congress that constituents strongly opposed the cigarette tax increase.